Entertaining Myself in Shropshire

Greetings everyone this is a small blog about my life now I've moved to shropshire and what I'm doing to keep myself entertained.

Well I'm back from university now and there isn't really much for me to do where I live in Shropshire its basically hills and sheep. I do love the country side but this is a little too much. So I've started my look for a 9-5, I'm not sure if I'll be moving out yet or trying to commute. I don't have the money right now to jsut relocate but I sure wish I did!

Plan of action
My plan so far then is to apply for as many graduate positions as possible and maybe just maybe pick up some freelance work. But again this is almost wales so there isn't really much around these parts. I don't want to just fire out CV's though in some blind panic mad attempt to find a job. I'm going to customise each CV to match the job. A lot of people say basically just go through all the requirments in the job spec and see how you can ad them to your CV in a not so obvious way.

MUST KILL THE WARWICK WITH A GOOD WARWICK COUNTER SOON. Countering warwick is the best feeling ever. warwick counter for the win guys! I've also got to stop playing so much League of Legends, I've been experimenting with Graves after reading Ashe counter and its got me a little distracted I have to say. He has this really cool auto shotgun that can only hold two rounds but damn its cool. BANG BANG, massive damage. I like to counter ashe, that beatch neeeds to be frozen solid and owned. ALL FOR ASHE COUNTER!. Kill ashe I hate her.

I have to admit Shropshire is beautiful though...more pretty than ashe and warwick but hes ugly as lol.